disposable vapes

Disposable vape bars, as the name suggests, are single-use devices that are designed to be used for a short period (600 puffs worth) before being thrown away. There are huge impacts of plastic waste on the environment. Instead of seeing disposable vape bars as a permanent solution, first-time vapers should use them initially to quit smoking, then level up to a refillable and rechargeable alternative that is much more eco-friendly.

Disposable vapes are an excellent product and offer an easy-to-use solution for first-time vapers, but we must all reduce the amount of plastic that goes into landfill each year by switching to more sustainable solutions like pod vape kits and pen kits with less detrimental impacts on the environment. Rechargeable vape kits are a far less wasteful form of vaping.

Short lifespan

The lifespan of a disposable vape is dependent on the volume of e-liquid and the capacity of the battery. The manufacturers of disposable vapes have worked out approximately how many puffs the device will provide and how much battery life is needed to achieve that.

Most Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)-compliant disposables in the UK are prefilled with up to 2ml’s of e-liquid and will provide somewhere between 500-800 puffs. Once the e-liquid runs low and the battery is depleted, the device can be safely discarded. They will only last a single charge, sometimes leaving you without a device to vape on with short notice.

On average, one disposable vape will last the average vaper between 1-3 days depending on usage. 

If investing in a rechargeable electronic cigarette, you can expect them to last much longer. When the battery runs low on power, you can charge it via the USB charging cable supplied with the kit. When the e-liquid runs low, you can top it up with vape juice at a fraction of the cost of replacing your all-in-one disposable devices.

Expensive when used daily

Disposable vapes are cheap to buy, with a small initial investment in the short term, but when vaping more frequently can work out more expensive than rechargeable pod kits and pen kits. If you are using disposable vapes for longer periods of time, we suggest looking at alternatives to disposable vapes for a great way of saving money.

Even though disposable vapes work out more expensive than rechargeable vape kits when used over longer periods of time, they are still significantly cheaper than cigarettes.

Less flavour options

While there are a wide catalogue of disposable vape flavours available to buy, there are still fewer options available compared to the selection of 10ml bottles of e-liquids we offer. 

The limited flavour options may cater to some vapers, but may not include your favourite go-to vape flavour.

Less strength options

Most disposable vapes available in the UK are available in 20mg (2%) nicotine strength in accordance with the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) and TRPR (Tobacco & Related Products Regulations). 

20mg is the highest strength legally allowed and is classed as high strength, but all vapers have different needs - for example, not all vapers are dependent on such high doses of nicotine. While some disposable vape brands cater for lower strengths, the flavour selection is limited.


Disposable puff bars feature an integrated battery that has been pre-charged so you can vape immediately. Disposables in the UK can’t be recharged when the battery has been depleted and must be replaced. The battery sometimes runs out while there is e-liquid remaining in the tank, which can be frustrating.

Rechargeable vape kits, as the name suggests, can be recharged at the end of each day, ready for use the following day. 

Limited functionality

Disposable vapes are designed with simplicity in mind, stripping back the electronic cigarette to basic components making them extremely easy to use. 

With more advanced vaping devices, you can adjust settings, airflow and wattage to make your vape provide the most satisfying draw possible for your individual needs.  

Appealing to underage vapers

All customers purchasing from TABlites store locations and online at tablites.com must be over the age of 18. We have put strict age verification processes in place to avoid selling vaping products to minors. If you are under 18, you are committing an offence if you attempt to buy electronic cigarettes. It’s not personal, it’s the law.

At our brick-and-mortar stores, if you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will be asked to prove that you are aged 18 or over when buying electronic cigarettes. Please be prepared to show ID.

At our online vape store, we use 1account for our age verification process to prove you are over the age of 18 to legally purchase vape products. 

Counterfeit disposable vapes

You may have read newspaper articles about Trading Standards seizing counterfeit and fake vape products from rogue stores across the UK. 

All vape products in the UK, including disposable vapes are tightly regulated by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). The regulations set are minimum standards for the safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and refill containers (e-liquids). 

The warning and precautions supplied on packaging is to provide customers with correct information so they can make informed choices. They are also sold in reputable stores, including specialist vape shops and supermarkets, providing an environment that protects underage children from starting to use all vape products.

Fake disposable vapes are reaching the UK market that have been made in squalid factories, with filthy working conditions, and no regard for product safety. These products have been cheaply made, cutting corners when it comes to safety to maximise on profits.

Buying counterfeit and imitation vape kits and e-liquids can seriously impact the health of people mistakenly using these products. Always purchase your vape supplies from trusted and reputable retailers including vape shops, petrol stations and supermarkets.